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Other helpful links...

American Psychological Association: a site with information pertaining to psychology for clients and therapists

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: information and a 24-hour confidential lifeline for those in distress or crisis

Women to Women: this site combines the medical, emotional and spiritual selves into one being

Facts For Families: this site has a wonderful Facts for Families page which identifies typical childhood behaviors, and help for parents/guardians

Straight Spouse Support: international support network of heterosexual spouses/partners, current or former of gay, lesbian, bisexual, & transgender mates

PA Diversity Network: fostering strength and vitality in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Community by providing news, information, presentations, health programs, events and other services

PFlag: Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

PRIDE of the Greater Lehigh Valley: local support for the GLBT community

The Gifted Introvert: An interesting article describing the difference between introversion and extroversion

Kids Health-Cutting: information for Parents and Care Givers regarding cutting and other self-injurious behaviors

Plugged in Parents: is parental smartphone use making it difficult to be present with our kids?

Is Technology Creating a Family Divide: how technology use can divide families and effect relationships

The Impact of Video Games: information about video game usage, how to understand ratings (and why they are important), and how video games affect teens

The Carlat Psychiatry Report: an unbiased monthly covering all things psychiatric. A concise newsletter, with a dash of humor, and no pharmaceutical funding ... identifying diagnoses, medications and interventions

Grief Insights: twelve insights to help with grief after the death of a loved one

Psychology Today: the latest information and research about relationships, mental health and addictions

Self-Directed Search: for those beginning or seeking to change careers

Planet SARK: a colorful and imaginative site to 'be who you actually are!'

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